How To Delete Tagged Profile

The point of 95% of the social networking websites on the internet, focus primarily on connecting you with people you already know- reestablishing lost connects and keeping in touch. Tagged however, is the polar opposite of this wide spread premise. Tagged is designed to primarily help you to connect with new people, thus broadening your social circle and hence your networking opportunities. It also automatically sends you email notifications of any new comments, new messages, friend requests and any other site activities- much like other social networking sites.

As much as tagged is unique, if for some reason you decide there is need to remove your profile, then Tagged provides the option to permanently remove it from their servers.

Here is how:

1) Access your Tagged profile background going to the website and signing in with your password and email address.

2) Look for the “Account” option and click it to open tour personal account settings.

3) You then scroll all the way down to the end of the options available in your settings and then select the option that permits you to “remove your account“.

4) Then select, “Yes, I would like to remove my profile“.

5) It will then ask you to enter your password for confirmation that you are serious about deleting your account.

6) Once you have done this you then click “Cancel Account“. This will confirm your cancelation, you will then be logged out of your profile and immediately removed from the Tagged viewership.

You will need to remove all third-party logins you might have used. Meaning that if you signed up to tagged using Twitter or Facebook, you will have to manually revoke all accesses from Tagged.

– For Facebook:

1) Go to the Facebook website and login to your profile.

2) Navigate to

3) Look for anything that matches to tagged in the first column “Apps you use

4) Then select the cross to its right.

5) Select “Remove” to revoke access.

– For Twitter:

1) Log into your twitter account

2) Navigate to

3) Search for the Tagged option in your app list.

4) Then select “Revoke access“.

• A quick link to take you to the option to delete your account is :

This option will automatically take you to where you sign in and select the delete option, then confirm.

• Do note that most text and/or images that are publicly visible are not properly deleted even if you have succeeded in deleting your tagged profile. We therefore recommend that you try manually deleting all those images and texts you might have posted before you cancel your account. Of for some reason you are not sure about what will happen to your tracks you can check in the Privacy Policy/ Terms of Service. Outside of that you can also contact Tagged and ask their support team directly.

• Once you complete the steps to have your profile deleted, this does not necessarily mean that all your data will be removed. Due to legal obligations the data might be retained on their servers but removed from public viewing. Therefore, it is always advised that you think long and hard before posting anything on Tagged or elsewhere on the internet.