How To Delete Friends On Tagged

Tagged is a growing social networking site that allows people to search through people’s profiles, meet new people, and play online games. This provides a safe and secure place for gamers to enjoy playing online together. This newer social networking site already has over 300 million unique users and is continuing to grow. You have the ability to invite anyone in the Tagged community to become your friends. You can play games, send virtual gifts, and share tags with anyone on your friend list. However, over time, there may be some people from your friends list that you want to delete. The good news is that Tagged make the friends deletion process very quick and easy. It is important to realize, however, that when you delete a friend from your Tagged community, you will no longer be able to play games with this persons, share tags, or sent gifts.

Below is a look at the easy steps it takes to successfully delete a friend from your tagged community.

1. The first step is to log into your Tagged account. You must be signed into your account in order to complete the following steps.

2. Once you are in your Tagged account, you will see several links in the top navigation bar, including Home, Profile, Messages, People, Pets, More. You need to click on the “People” link.

3. This will bring down a drop-down box. From this drop-down box, clink on the “Friends” link.

4. This will take you to the page that has a list of all your friends. There are several ways you can filter your friend’s selection, such as My Friends, Online Now, Request, Email Contacts, and Find Friends. The easiest way to find the friend you want to delete is to use the “My Friends” tab. This will list all the friends that are part of your Tagged community. If you have many friends, you can use the letters at the top of the pages to narrow down you selection. Just click on the letter that represents the first letter of the friend you want to deletes last name.

5. Once you locate the friend you want to delete, move you mouse over top of that friend’s profile picture listed under you “My Friends” section.

6. When the mouse is on top of your friend’s picture, a red “X” will appear in the upper right-hand corner. You now want to click on the “X.”

7. Tagged will ask you to confirm your friend deletion. A small window will appear asking “Do you want to delete this user from your friend list?” If this is the right person, simply click on the “Yes” box. This will successfully delete this particular friend from your friend list.

These steps should only take a few minutes to complete and you will have successfully removed your friend from your personal Tagged community. If later on you decide to become friends with this person later on, you can simply resend a friend request to invite them back into your personal online community. This allows you to safely join this new social networking site with the peace of mind knowing that you always have the freedom to remove anyone from your friend list you want. It also offers a safe place to enjoy playing games with other online gamers.